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Is my dog or puppy ill?

How do you know if your dog is ill? Use this quick checklist to see if they’re in good shape, or whether a trip to the vet is needed.

• Eyes should be clear and bright, with no discharge
• Nose should be moist and cool, with dark pigmentation and no discharge
• Breath should smell fresh, and your dog should be breathing normally
• Gums should be uniformly pink, and change back to pink after less than two seconds when you press them
• Teeth should be white and clean
• Ears should look and smell clean
• Coat should be shiny and not matted
• Skin should be smooth, clean and supple. (Tip: gently pull some skin from just over your dog’s shoulder into a tent shape – if it doesn’t snap back into place immediately, they’re suffering from dehydration).

Going through this checklist every week will help you to learn what’s normal for your dog - making it much easier to know when they need medical attention.

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