Everything You Need to Know About Dog Adoption

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Adoption

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Adoption

Becoming a dog owner is a big decision, and it is important you choose the right way for you. An option that all potential pet owners should consider is adoption, which can be a rewarding and advantageous path. Adopting allows you to give a loving home to a dog who may have never had one before. 

In this guide, Pedigree® provides further information about dog adoption, including some of the benefits and considerations you should make. 

Adoption Helps a Dog in Need

Thousands of dogs get put into shelters every year and, if homes can’t be found for them, they often end up being put down. Becoming an owner through dog adoption means giving a loving home to one of these animals and saving them from life in a shelter or even death. 

Further, shelters often ensure that these animals are spayed or snipped, vaccinated and microchipped. This can save you a lot of money on veterinary bills. 

Dog Adoption and Training

An important consideration when becoming a dog owner is the amount of training you’re prepared to undertake. Although shelters have many young dogs with little training, one of the advantages of dog adoption is that you can get dogs that are already partially or fully trained. 

Think about this when deciding to become a dog owner. Do you have lots of free time to spend training your dog? If not, choose a dog who already is already trained or housebroken. 

Choosing the Right Dog for You

You should also consider your household, routine and personality when adopting a dog. It’s important you find a dog that matches your lifestyle. 

Firstly, is your house big enough? Do you have access to a garden or outside space? If you live in a flat, you may want to adopt a smaller dog, who will require less space and exercise. Secondly, consider your household. If you have small children, you may want to adopt a younger dog. They will generally be more energetic than an older dog and better able to keep up with your kids.

Bringing an Adopted Dog Home

It is vital that you make the transition from shelter to home as smooth as possible. It can be helpful to choose a room for your dog to spend most of their time in, as this gives them a smaller space to become accustomed to before venturing into the entirety of their new home. 

Further, adopted dogs have often never known loving homes and will have only had a stable routine since being in the shelter. Being in a new home may be distressing for your dog until they get used to it, so it’s important you maintain the routine of the shelter as much as possible. This minimises the upheaval your dog must cope with.

If you do need to deviate from the routine of the shelter, be sure to make changes gradually. Give your new pet plenty of time to become accustomed to changes. 


Dog adoption can be a wonderful and rewarding experience; however, it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Take time to consider your options and only adopt a pet once you’re sure it’s what’s best for you.