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Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog has been known in China since the 13th Century, where it was developed during the Hang Dynasty into the two types seen today. These are the fine, elegant ‘deer’ type and the heavier boned ‘cobby’ type. The hairless vary in degree of coat from no body hair to those having a fine down similar to that found on a human arm, but all have the characteristic ‘cresting’ that helps give this breed its name. This cresting consists of soft, fine hair growing from the top and tapers off down the neck. A plume of hair is found on the lower two thirds of the tail, and socks of hair on the feet and lower legs.

It may also come in a drop-eared variety as well as the prick-eared type that is essential in the hairless Crested. The Crested has also been present in Europe for centuries as shown in artwork from the 15th Century and was mentioned in the chronicles of Christopher Columbus. Regarded as a curiosity at first, the Crested has grown in popularity as a pet and show dog.

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