Mythbuster: 5 misconceptions about rescue dogs

Mythbuster: 5 misconceptions about rescue dogs

Myth #1: Dogs are put into shelters because they’re badly behaved

People often assume dogs are put into in a shelter because they’re ‘difficult’ or ‘badly behaved’, but the reality is there’s a huge number of reasons why a dog may end up in a shelter, and they are often nothing to do with the dog. An owner moving home, for example, a couple getting divorced, a new baby, allergies. Just ask the shelter staff who’ll fill you in on everything they know about a dog you might want to adopt.

Myth #2: Shelter dogs aren’t socialised

A close cousin of the myth about shelter dogs being ‘difficult’ is the idea that they’re not socialised or good around people, and of course this will be a particular worry if you have young children. But even if a dog isn’t socialised when it arrives at a shelter (which is in no way a given) highly trained staff put a lot of effort into training and socialising the dogs in their care. Which means there’s no reason at all why you won’t get an extremely well-mannered pooch.

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Myth #3: All the dogs in shelters are old

There are dogs of all ages in shelters, from energetic youngsters to more mellow seniors. So, if you’ve set your heart on the former, don’t think that adopting a dog isn’t an option for you.

Myth #4: Shelter dogs have health problems

Of all the misconceptions about rescue dogs, this is one of the most unfair. A well-run shelter will put the health of their residents right at the top of their priority list. Which means that the dogs are generally neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed and treated for fleas and ticks. If they do have any health issues, you will be told this before you adopt. 

Myth #5: You don’t find purebred dogs in shelters

Maybe you’ve set your heart on a particular breed of dog but are convinced that you’d never find one in a shelter? But, as mentioned earlier, dogs end up in shelters for a huge variety of reasons. This means you’ll find all kinds of dogs who are waiting for a new home, including purebred dogs.

Convinced it’s worth thinking about adopting a dog? Click here to find a shelter near you.  

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