Dog Behaviour

How to stop a dog fight

How to stop a dog fight

Fortunately, most dog fights are just games or posturing and don’t involve any serious biting. But if things start to get out of control, what should you do?

1 Don’t shout or panic – most dog fights are over in seconds
2 Don’t rush in – you could be injured or make the fight worse
3 Walk away and call your dog – they might lose interest in the other dog and follow you instead.

If the fight escalates:

4 Grab the collars of both dogs and drag them apart
5 Make a really loud noise, ideally with a whistle or personal alarm.

After the fight is over, calm your dog and check them carefully for injuries. If you’re concerned, get them checked over by a vet.

If your dog seems overly aggressive, get a muzzle and seek the help of a professional dog trainer.