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Why Does my Dog Have Bad Breath?

Why Does my Dog Have Bad Breath?

You might think it’s normal for your dog’s breath to smell, but it can be a sign of an underlying health problem which needs taking care of.

What causes bad breath in dogs 

Persistent bad breath in can be due to a number of health problems, including: 

  • Gum disease –  if your dog has bad breath alongside inflammation and redness of the gums, they are likely to be suffering from gum disease. Regularly check your dog’s mouth for signs of gum disease and try to establish a daily oral care regime at home. 
  • Kidney disease – if your dog’s breath smells like ammonia, they may be suffering from kidney disease.
  • Diabetes – this is noticeable when dog breath smells sickly sweet and fruity due to ketones building up in the blood stream

If you notice an odour from your dog’s breath, always contact your vet who will be able to identify the cause.

Treatment and prevention

Once you and the vet have sought out the cause of your dog’s bad breath, you can begin treating it.
If your dog’s breath smells due to a dental issue such as gum disease, try any of the following as a means of treatment and prevention: 

  • Brush your dog’s teeth – this is the very best way you can care for your dog’s teeth and gums daily. Start by gradually introducing a daily tooth-brushing routine to help remove plaque from the teeth which is the root cause of gum disease
  • Dry Diet - the abrasive texture of dry food can also help keep teeth clean.

To prevent gum disease and bad breath in dogs, it’s essential to be proactive about your dog’s oral health. Look in their mouth regularly, establish a daily oral care regime at home and schedule regular visits to the vet.