Dog Training

Dog toilet training trouble

Toilet trouble

Even a perfectly house-trained dog can sometimes leak a little urine when they’re very excited or nervous. It’s called ‘submissive urination’. It’s quite common for this to happen when you arrive home and greet them, but you can try these tips in other situations, too.

The key to breaking this habit is not to make a fuss - punishment will only make your dog more anxious. Instead, try following this two-stage training guide:

Stage One – putting your dog at ease

Try to make arriving home and greeting your dog as casual as possible:

• don’t stand over your dog, make eye contact or lift your hand above them; instead
• crouch down and offer your hand palm up for them to lick.

Stage Two – giving your dog an alternative way to welcome you home

Build up these simple steps to give your dog an alternative way to greet you:

1. Teach your dog to ‘sit’
2. Teach them to ‘shake hands’
3. Tell your dog to ‘sit, shake hands’ then give them a treat

With patience and practice your dog should soon be giving you a drier welcome home!