Find out your dog’s risk of gum disease

Your dog’s risk of gum disease is...

What does this mean?

The signs of gum disease

Bad breath
Bad breath in dogs is not normal and is almost always a sign of underlying gum disease.
Bleeding gums
Bleeding or inflamed (red or swollen) gums are a major sign of gum disease. You may notice blood in their saliva, or on their chews or toys.
A dog becoming less lively, sociable or willing to play is often mistakenly blamed on them “just getting old”, when it could be due to the effects of gum disease. Your dog may also be reluctant to have their head or face touched, or paw or rub at their own face, if their teeth or gums are sore.
Difficulty eating
You may notice that your dog is struggling to chew like normal, which can be spotted by them using one side of their mouth or dropping their food. They may also show a preference for wet food over dry food, as it’s gentler on their sore teeth and gums.

Do you have an oral care routine for your dog?

Dogs love to explore the world through their mouth, so it's important to take care of their teeth and gums.


PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Daily Oral Care chews with TRIPLE ACTION are scientifically proven to:

- Reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%

- Clean hard to reach teeth

- Support gum health


For healthy and strong teeth and gums, treat your dog to a delicious and effective PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Daily Oral Care chew every day. The chews are suitable for dogs from the age of 4 months old. Daily toothbrushing and regular check ups at the vet are also really important for good oral hygiene. Be sure to check out the guide to brushing your dog’s teeth for tips on achieving the best, most thorough clean.

Reduces tartar
Reduces tartar buildup by up to 80%, cleans hard to reach teeth and supports gum health.
Low in fat
Low in fat and with no added sugar.
artificial colours and flavours
Completely free from artificial colours and flavours.

PEDIGREE® Dog Dental Chews

As soon as your pup is four months old, get ready to start their Oral Care routine with PEDIGREE® Dentastix™.

Always ensure that you feed the correct size product for your dog’s weight.