Dog Feeding

Dogs and obesity

How is packed dog food better than homemade dog food?

Nothing will make most dogs happier than food. But obesity creates health problems for dogs, so it’s important to keep a good balance between exercise levels and your dog’s diet.

If you’re concerned your dog could be overweight, the first step is to visit the vet. They’ll be able to tell you whether the cause is overfeeding, or if there’s a serious underlying reason like a thyroid problem or diabetes.

A reduced-calorie diet can help your dog lose weight, while still providing all the nutrients they need. Our Pedigree® Complete light  contain 30% less fat and fewer calories per meal than our normal adult ranges.

Increasing your dog’s exercise levels will also help them slim down. If your dog hasn’t been exercising much recently, start with a brisk ten-minute walk every day - increasing it to 20 minutes after a couple of weeks. And playing games with your dog is another great way to give them some exercise.

Check out our dog weight page for more information on healtht weight maintenance.