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Here you can find useful tips on training your dog, from basic obedience to tackling specific problems or just having some fun along the way.

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Lesson 1: Returning on Recall

Lesson 1 : Returning on Recall

In this episode, expert trainer Gwen Bailey gets t work practising recall with Queenie.

Lesson 2: Pulling on Lead

Lesson 2 : Pulling on Lead

Heel! It's time for our second Training Academy video. In this episode, Gwen shows Ryan how...

Lesson 3: Leaving Objects

Lesson 3 : Leaving Objects

Here's our third Training Academy video. In this episode expert trainer Gwen Bailey teaches Biscuit to...

Lesson 4: Playing dead

Lesson 4 : Playing dead

It's time for our fourth Training Academy video. In this episode, expert trainer Gwen Bailey...

Lesson 5: Jumping up

Lesson 5 : Jumping up

Our fifth Training Academy video looks at how to stop your dog jumping up at people. Gwen...

Lesson 6: High Five

Lesson 6 : High Five

Gimme five! Follow the tips in our final Training Academy video and teach your dog to high five.

Pedigree® Rodeo Beef 123g

Healthy treats for happy dogs. Whether it be for training, rewarding or just playing, Pedigree® Treats offer a tasty and responsible way to bond with your dog and look after their emotional wellbeing.

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Pedigree® Feeling Happy Pedigree® Feeling Happy